Cook & Quadra Medical Clinic

Dr. Peter C Hastings

Will be at Lansdowne Medical Clinic as of June 6, 2022.

Appointment Booking:
Tel: 250-655-7102

Fax: 250-592-6060

Lansdowne Medical Clinic
#120-1641 Hillside Ave. Victoria, BC V8T 5G1

Letter from Dr. Peter Hastings

April 10, 2022

Dear Dr. Hastings patient's

As of June 1, 2022 the Cook/Quadra medical clinic will be closing as it has been sold for development. This letter is to inform you that Dr. Hastings will be transferring his patients and their files to the Lansdowne Medical Clinic.

Prior to the June 1, 2022 you should be able to continue to phone and make appointments at the Cook/ Quadra clinic. After June 1, 2022 you should be able to phone the Lansdowne medical clinic to make appointments. The address of the Lansdowne clinic and their phone number is:

120-1641 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8T 5G1
250-592-4212 (p) / 250-592-6060

Your medical records will remain at the Lansdowne Medical Clinic, so the doctors at that clinic will have access to your records while seeing or talking to you.

If you do not wish to attend Lansdowne medical clinic please try to register with another family physician or a family member's physician. Other options of care would be another Walk-in Clinics; Urgent Primary Care Centers; Island sexual health; Vancouver Island Women's Health Clinic, Telus Health Mycare or similar virtual providers.

Other option for those who live in the Saanich Peninsula or Western Communities, you can also register on the Health Connect Registry to be on a wait list for a primary care provider.

For those who live in the Victoria core, the registry has not yet been activated, but watch the website as it will be available soon.

For those requiring Paps, Mammograms, FIT tests, or colonoscopies the BC Cancer Agency will send letters directly to your MSP listed address.

Further information regarding these changes, updated contact information, bookings and move dates will be posted in the coming days at our Cook & Quadra website.

After June 1, 2022 your original medical records will be safely stored at the Lansdowne Medical Clinic and can be obtained at any time by contacting them as indicated at their Clinic website

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Peter Hastings, MD