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Dr. Vizsolyi's practice is now Closed

Record Requests, Medical Correspondence and/or Questions can be directed to:

Burnside Walk-in Clinic

101 Burnside Rd. West (suite 2), Victoria, BC V9A 1B7 - (upper level)

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For telephone/in person visits: 250-381-4353

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Letter from Dr. Peter Vizsolyi

Updated October 30, 2022

Dear Patient,

I wrote to you previously regarding the Cook and Quadra Medical Clinic building closure in June, 2022, and am updating this letter to let you know that my practice is now closed.

After almost four decades, my plan had been to retire from daily Family Medicine with the sale of the building. As I had not been able to find a replacement physician, I arranged to move to the Burnside Medical Clinic until October 31, 2022; while we continued to assist patients in looking for physicians.

For those who have not found a new physician, or nurse practitioner, your medical records will remain at the Burnside Clinic and doctors at that clinic will have access to your records while seeing you.

Sometimes a family member's physician will agree to take over your care, and this is often the best place to start. If you live in the Greater Victoria area (including Sidney, Saanich Peninsula, Western Communities, and Sooke) you can also register on the Health Connect Registry to be on a wait list for a primary care provider.

Other options for care beyond attending Burnside would include other Walk-In Clinics (ideally choose one and continue to attend the same clinic); Urgent Primary Care Centres; Island Sexual Health; the Vancouver Island Women's Clinic; Telus Health MyCare or similar virtual provider. For those requiring pap smears, mammograms, FIT tests, or colonoscopies please be assured that the BC Cancer Agency will continue to send letters directly to your MSP listed address.

Your original medical records will be safely stored at the Burnside Medical Clinic and can be obtained at any time by contacting them by Email at; or at their Clinic website

I regret that I have not been able to share this news with every patient personally. I have sincerely appreciated the opportunity to take part with you in managing your health needs. I have enjoyed getting to know you and sharing conversations with you.

As I look forward to my future with both anticipation and sadness, I wish you and your family the best of health in the future.

Yours truly,

Peter T Vizsolyi, MD